Different Computer Users

               The sound of the keyboard typing away and the clicking of the mouse throughout the night has become a normal occurrence in every [DCS 1] American household.  Staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning, knowing work starts at 9AM is a characteristic of many computer users today.  Since the invention of the computer, life has become much easier for humans.  With the birth of the Internet communications now have limitless possibilities around the world[DCS 2] .  People are now able to communicate with others from all over the world, not even having to meet them face to face.  With these two entitities [DCS 3] working together, computers have become a necessity for home users as well as businesses today.  It has affected various aspects of our daily life and has advanced society towards the future.  “The University of Cincinnati study found that problematic computer users tend to be most mesmerized by interactive pursuits--frequenting chat rooms and other multiuser domains, writing e-mail, surfing the Web, playing games” (Seaman par. 5)[DCS 4] . Although all computers are basically the same, hardware and software wise, people are known for using the computer for different purposes.  Some use their computers for communication and others for a source of entertainment.  There exists various types of computer users.  [DCS 5] 

The hacker [DCS 6] spends most of their [DCS 7] time breaking into other computer’s.  The word hacker is synonymous with Internet crimes, but most people overlook the fact that they are highly intelligent individuals with a vast knowledge of computers.  They spend their time trying to break through security systems of various networks connected to the Internet.  There has been infamous hackers who have penetrated through the CIA database and others into credit card companies.  There was even a movie made a couple years ago called Hackers, which told of the many exploits of hackers in high school.  These people stay up for hours looking for codes and passwords for various systems on the Internet in the hopes of obtaining some valuable information.  There are also many websites dedicated to this past time which educates the general public as well as new hackers to the game.  They know how the computers operate and are usually very familiar with programming languages, so they can create their own programs to break passwords.  Hackers are not really hurting anybody by the activities that they perform, they just do it for the experience and bragging rights for other hackers.

The game freaks are the people who spend their time playing games online.  These are the people who stay up to till dawn shooting and dodging bullets from other people on the Internet.  There are many games which incorporate the online play such as Counterstrike and Starcraft, just to name a few, that gamers all over the world are so addicted to.  The first thing they do when they get on the computer is check for people playing online or start new games to play.  Most of these gamers even have all the accessories for the whole online experience such as headphones with a microphone to hear other players and a special joystick that can be used instead of the regular keyboard.  Some even show their pride for their favorite games by wearing t-shirts and other types of clothing, as well as putting up many posters in their room.  They use the computer as an extension to the Playstation 2 and X Box, which can also be connected to the Internet and played online.  Many of these gamers use their computers to scavenge the Internet for any new tips or strategie guides which will help them in their favorite games.  Their main purpose of using the computer is to play various games and learn everything they can about each game.  These individuals are addicted to playing games online, and can be seen staring in front of their computers until the sun comes up. 

The shoppers are the people who are constantly surfing the Internet for the newest clothes or other types accessories.  These people are the ones who are on Ebay watching auctions for days, waiting until the last minutes to outbid everyone else.  They browse many websites such as Gap.com, Jcrew.com, Banana Republic.com, looking for the newest styles and colors of their favorite clothes.  They stay up late at night just looking for the newest clothes or coolest gadgets out in the market right now.  They want to be able to brag about their clothes which no one else has or how cheap they bought it for.  Instead of going to the malls and looking for all these accessories, they just sit in their chair for hours and visit various websites on the Internet.  If they do not have money at the time to purchase the item, they will bookmark their favorite sites and plan to buy them at a later time.  They use the Internet to research new clothes and accessories instead of academic purposes.  These people are addicted to buying stuff online and spend most of their time on the computer deals with looking for the best deals or where else it can be purchased.  These users are probably the most expensive because of all the money that is involved with the shopping trend.

The downloaders are the people who use the computer mainly for the purpose of downloading anything that is free.  These are the people who leave their computers on through the night or even through the day downloading music, movies, and pretty much anything that can be downloaded on the web.  Programs such as Napster and Morpheus are just a few of the programs that these people are very familiar with.  They might not know how to navigate the web with ease, but they will be able find any song or video using Morpheus.  They know every function of each button in the Morpheus program and they are experts in the various techniques of searching for songs.  Anyone who is familiar with computers will know something about these programs.  These people spend hours on end looking for anything that is free on the Internet.   

The emailers are the people who live to check their email accounts.  These are the people who are checking their computer every hour on the hour just to check if anyone has emailed them recently.  Email providers such as AOL and Hotmail are their favorite programs to use whenever they are logged onto the Internet.  They prefer to use email as the main communication tool instead of using phones and even voicemails.  They also jump at the chance to provide websites with email addresses, just so they can be added to their mailing list.  They are also very happy to see they have new mail in their mailbox every time they open it up.  Also, they are more than happy to reply to anyone who has emailed them, just for the satisifaction of recieivng email.  These people use the computer for manily communication purposes by writing letters to their friends, colleagues, and family.  They spend most of their time on the computer replying and writing new messages to certain individuals.

The chatters are the people who spend most of their time in chat rooms.  These are the people who spend endless hours talking to people from all over the world in a chat rooms.  Popular programs such as AOL offer various chat rooms for their members to choose from, which connect AOL users from all over the globe.  They spend hours typing away, meeting new people, and making new friends in this online community.  Their favorite program to use is the AIM software, AOL Instant Messenger, which runs in the background of the computer and enable communication with people who on their buddy list.  Expert users even customize their type of font which is displayed to other users as well as adding an picture icon to their screen name.  They can be seen typing away in various chat rooms meeting new people almost every night of the week.  These are the people who you can see on the buddy list for almost half of the day even when they are at work or at home.

 Each type of user is similar in a way that they spend many hours in front of their computer screen, staring and typing away through the night.  Computers have made life much simpler for people as well as bringing together people from various regions on the planet.  Not only has it made an impact on American culture, but as well as other countries.  Most professions have been centered around computers such as programmers, network administrators, web page designers, etc.  

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