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All Class Sections (Alpha & Beta):

 As always, consult your weekly course schedule for more specifics.

  • Reading:
    We'll be discussing Henry David Thoreau's prescriptive essay, "Life without Principle."  This is the second of 3 of his essays that we will read to prepare ourselves for the Into the Wild essay in which we will examine the several ways that Thoreau's ideas and principles had a profound effect on Christopher McCandless.

    "Life without Principle" is a bit more challenging to read than "Walking;" especially the the vocabulary and sentence structures are still a bit challenging to read. So, again, allow yourself ample time to read it; in fact, you are encouraged to read it at least twice before coming to the first class session this week.  Anticipate a reading quiz.

    Additionally, be sure to print and answer all the study/discussion questions for this essay.  You'll find the set of questions by clicking on the Essay Assignments link above or here.  You are required to print these questions and come to the first class session with fully prepared answers.  These are intended to help guide your reading of Thoreau's essay.

  • Essay 1 Due with Late Essay Coupon:
    Students planing to use the late essay copuon have until midnight Saturday (11:59 p.m.) to upload your file with no penalty.

  • Usage Quiz B:
    These word sets were assigned last week (see the schedule for week 6), so remember that Usage Quiz B opens Sunday A.M. and is available for you to take until 11:59 p.m. Saturday at midnight (7 days).  Please email me if you encounter problems.

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